A.W. Hastings & Co.

“We have had a relationship with Macpage for more than 50 years. In that time they have given us the benefit of their expertise and their personal attention. Their attentiveness has been consistent during periods of struggle as well as success. They are always responsive and supportive in how they approach their job.

I’ll never forget the look on our auditor’s face in our toughest year as he delivered our audited results. I knew the report wouldn’t be good, but the other thing I knew was that he cared. He felt what we felt. From directors to young associates, the people from Macpage have been pleasant and terrific to work with.

We’re in the third generation of our family business, and it’s comforting to have this long-term relationship to rely on. Over the years, our family has used Macpage for personal and business tax preparation, as well as estate planning advice. More recently my brother and I turned to them as a trusted advisor regarding various business strategies.

I’m comfortable using their diverse services because of the trust factor that has grown over the years. There’s always been a consistent level of professionalism, and we’re confident in the quality of their work.”

– Dusty Hoyt, President, A.W. Hastings & Co.