T&T Capital

“First and foremost Macpage offers depth at every angle of service, whether it’s estate planning, 401ks, acquisitions or sales of companies. My contact usually picks right up or I hear right back. He knows the answer 90 percent of the time. When he doesn’t, he puts me on hold, and comes right back with one.

We’ve had GREAT service for 13 years, and a consistent, common sense approach to resolving situations. Ours can be complex because of the industry we operate in and the fact that we have eight businesses counting subsidiaries. We teed up the sale of our parent company over a six-year period. It took a year and a half to put the final deal together, and it was a complex transaction involving operations all over the world – parts, leasing, maintenance and a huge military contracting division. We were very satisfied, not just with the sale and the tax planning, but with how it was sold and the whole process.”

– Telford Allen, President, T&T Capital