“Macpage performed due diligence for us in the early stages of our business. For 20 years they’ve reviewed our financial statements, done our annual tax work and collaborated with outside counsel on tax issues for Sabre and Back Cove Yachts. They’ve also audited benefit plans, monitored monthly internal reports and advised on the acquisition of North End Composites. Our relationship is excellent at every level. Their style is efficient and professional, casual, very pleasant and easy going.”

– Daniel Zilkha, President and CEO, Sabre Corporation 

Sabre Corporation

“Macpage has been a longtime supporter of MANP, and has provided our audit and 990 services for the past two years. We find their team to be far superior to others in terms of service, communication and quality of services, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any nonprofit considering working with them.”

– Scott Schnapp, Executive Director, Maine Association of Nonprofits

Maine Association of Nonprofits

management controls, information assurance

“There are three things that make the relationship very worthwhile: Their name is recognized for assurance and quality across the country in the healthcare, banking and insurance markets we do business in. Second, is the quality of the report we get. We don’t question it. The types of tests done to validate objectives go far beyond what cheaper competitors do. Macpage turns over a lot of stones here every year. They don’t just take our word for things. They make sure we can show them that we do what we say we do, that we do it to standard, and even to emerging industry standards. Third is their incredibly valuable feedback based on the best practices they see in other vertical markets.” 

 Mark Henry, Channel Manager, Creative Digital Imaging, Inc.

Creative Digital Imaging, Inc.

“We have had a relationship with Macpage for more than 50 years. In that time they have given us the benefit of their expertise and their personal attention. Their attentiveness has been consistent during periods of struggle as well as success. They are always responsive and supportive in how they approach their job.

I’ll never forget the look on our auditor’s face in our toughest year as he delivered our audited results. I knew the report wouldn’t be good, but the other thing I knew was that he cared. He felt what we felt. From directors to young associates, the people from Macpage have been pleasant and terrific to work with.

We’re in the third generation of our family business, and it’s comforting to have this long-term relationship to rely on. Over the years, our family has used Macpage for personal and business tax preparation, as well as estate planning advice. More recently my brother and I turned to them as a trusted advisor regarding various business strategies.

I’m comfortable using their diverse services because of the trust factor that has grown over the years. There’s always been a consistent level of professionalism, and we’re confident in the quality of their work.”

– Dusty Hoyt, President, A.W. Hastings & Co.

A.W. Hastings & Co.

“York County FCU uses Macpage LLC for our audit services. They have been a trusted partner for the past seven years – providing our annual financial statement audit, and assisting with internal control recommendations and regulatory compliance. I would highly recommend Macpage for any community financial institution.” 

– Scott B. Chretien, President and CEO, York County Federal Credit Union

York County Federal Credit Union

“Maine Drilling and Blasting’s relationship with Macpage spans 40 years and has experienced our growth from 15 to 500 employees, covered numerous acquisitions and states, and supported two family generations. Every step of the way Macpage has provided very important professional services with integrity, trust and friendship that one would hope their CPA would provide. We consider Macpage a strategic business partner to rely on, and for that we would like to say thank you for your efforts.”

– Bill Purington, President and CEO, Maine Drilling & Blasting

Maine Drilling & Blasting

“We consider Macpage to be part of what we do every day. When we acquired this business in 2000, we welcomed their well-respected reputation with area banks. We continue to value that reputation along with their management advisory expertise and broad scope of experience. Whether we ask a simple question that gets us a quick answer and a business sales tax reimbursement, or ask them to approach an acquisition prospect, structure a deal, convert our C-Corp to an S-Corp, provide tax strategies, estate or succession planning, we always get highly professional, responsive and beneficial results.”

– Rick Tardiff, President and CEO, J.S. McCarthy Printers

J.S. McCarthy Printers

“First and foremost Macpage offers depth at every angle of service, whether it’s estate planning, 401ks, acquisitions or sales of companies. My contact usually picks right up or I hear right back. He knows the answer 90 percent of the time. When he doesn’t, he puts me on hold, and comes right back with one.

We’ve had GREAT service for 13 years, and a consistent, common sense approach to resolving situations. Ours can be complex because of the industry we operate in and the fact that we have eight businesses counting subsidiaries. We teed up the sale of our parent company over a six-year period. It took a year and a half to put the final deal together, and it was a complex transaction involving operations all over the world – parts, leasing, maintenance and a huge military contracting division. We were very satisfied, not just with the sale and the tax planning, but with how it was sold and the whole process.”

– Telford Allen, President, T&T Capital

T&T Capital

auto dealership cpa, auto dealer finances

“The Maine Automobile Dealers Association has utilized the audit and management advisory services of Macpage for over 40 years to handle the various accounting, governmental and tax obligations of the trade association and related trusts. Their expertise was key to establishing our workers’ compensation trust over 25 years ago, and they work closely with us and on our behalf to help us move our health and workers’ compensation insurance programs forward. The team’s extensive and in-depth knowledge of our industry is well respected by our members. MADA has always found Macpage people to be courteous, knowledgeable and professional in their work.”

– Tom Brown, President, MADA

Maine Automobile Dealers Association