Employee Testimonials

What do you like best about working at Macpage?

I love so many things about my job at Macpage- things that I couldn’t have foreseen when I accepted it! I love the people I work with: my coworkers, my bosses, and the clients we serve. I also like that the job takes me out of my comfort zone just enough to stretch me and help me grow. It is a great mix of interaction and independence. I like the flexibility Macpage offers to its employees (to work the hours that are most effective for us and to work from home whenever it makes sense.) I also love the variety of the days and the work I actually do.”
 Elena Mikuzis, CPA, Manager

“Friendly and fun environment, laughing is mandatory.”
Kathy Leclerc, Office Manager


How would you describe the Macpage culture?

“Diversity in personalities creates a comfort in maintaining one’s individuality.”
Alison Herrick, CPA, Principal

“Macpage has a team-based culture with employee participation on all levels. The company feels like a small company with an informal atmosphere, even though it has grown tremendously in the past years. We have an “open door” policy. No one hesitates to pose questions directly to our partners or anyone else in the office. Everyone is willing to help at any time.”
 Elena Mikuzis, CPA, Manager

“I find the culture at Macpage to be very open. They are open to helping people and open to learning. We like to have fun and joke around with each other. We also like to be involved in the community in different ways. For example, we hold art exhibits in the office for local artists and it is open to the community for others to come in.”
-Alexandra Douston, Senior Associate

How has Macpage helped you reach your career goals?

“I have been given the tools, support and flexibility to balance both family and career.”
Alison Herrick, CPA, Principal

“Macpage provides a great opportunity to take more responsibilities very early on. Managers are willing to give you duties or responsibilities that entail other team members, providing you more experience. More experience usually leads to better opportunities at work. Macpage has given me a solid platform for career growth by providing me opportunities to lead jobs, present at Board of Directors meetings and teach other staff. This year I also became a Certified Public Accountant while working at Macpage.  Also, my job is constantly changing, so I have to learn new things almost every day. All of this has given me an opportunity to grow professionally and personally.”
 Elena Mikuzis, CPA, Manager

How do you see our motto (Accessible. Approachable. Accountable.) implemented in the office?

“I would say that our motto is implemented every day. I find that people, whether they are in the office or out in field, are easy to reach by phone or e-mail. Everyone here has a great personality and is full of knowledge that they are willing to share.”
-Alexandra Douston, Senior Associate

“As a first-year, entry-level employee, I feel comfortable going to any of the principals in the Augusta office for help, so I find them accessible and approachable. Managers on A&A jobs bring errors in my work papers to my attention and thus hold me accountable.”
-Christian Poulin, Associate

“The firm encourages people to voice their ideas and opinions.”
– Kathy Leclerc, Office Manager

Why would you recommend working at Macpage?

“Macpage encourages and supports flexibility, creativity and self-improvement.”
Alison Herrick, CPA, Principal

“I would recommend working at Macpage to anyone who enjoys intellectual challenges. The work load is balanced between drafting financials and other documents and being out in the field working directly with clients. Also, all the people who work at Macpage are terrific, which is an added bonus.”
 Elena Mikuzis, CPA, Manager

If you interned here, please describe what you consider to be the benefits of interning at Macpage.

“Macpage gives interns the opportunity to work on a larger variety of engagements and types of tax returns than any other firm. Also, Macpage wants to hire its interns. We hire a high percentage of our interns to full time positions.”
-Mike Rankin, CPA, CFE, MBA, Manager

“When I first started my tax internship at Macpage, I had very little hands on experience. I had only my tax classes and experience doing my personal return, which only consisted of a couple of W-2s. Actually working on other people’s tax returns was very eye opening. There was something new I felt like I was learning every day, and still am. I think the benefit of working at Macpage is that when I did come across something new and something I could not figure out on my own, everyone else was very willing to help. Sometimes I would go to another intern to see if they could help and other times I went directly to a partner. I have learned a tremendous amount from those around me.”
-Alexandra Douston, Senior Associate

What are your favorite perks/benefits that Macpage offers? Explain why.

“I am very happy with all the benefits here, but I really appreciate the flexibility with start/end times when working in the office, and Friday afternoons off in the summertime.”
Christian Poulin, Associate