Benefits of an Internship

Discover why Macpage is one of the best places to work in New England with an internship!

Real World Experience

From your first day on the job you will be working on actual client projects. You will be scheduled to work on real jobs, have real client interactions, and be sent into the field to complete real audit work. You will receive your own computer with the same software and tools that all our associates receive.

One-On-One Mentorship

A manager will be available daily to guide you through your time at Macpage. They will assist you on projects, explain processes to you, as well as be there to answer any question that may arise in your training.

In-Depth Training

Gain in-depth training that you cannot receive in school. We give you the option of training in the areas that you are interested in. An internship at Macpage prepares you for a variety of tasks that may be asked of you upon graduation. This is unusual in comparison to many other internship experiences, where you are trained in one area and continue to work solely on projects in that expertise.

Gain Experience in School

Students who complete an internship prior to graduation start out ahead of the game. Many have said this experience and training has made understanding their coursework much easier, enabling you to get ahead of your classmates.

Peace of Mind

We hire our interns months before school is out, this way you can focus your time on your studies and not your money.

Intern Hire Rate

We have hired over 50% of available students who completed an internship with us. Over 60% of our current associates started out as interns, and many more have made it to high level positions of managers and principals. If you plan on staying in Maine, you have a great chance of a job offer upon graduation after an internship with Macpage.